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Best Cricket Bonuses and Promotions in India

Cricket is certainly a really national sport in India. It is not surprising that Indian bettors pay their utmost attention to this discipline as well. Bookmakers use such means of rewards as bonuses to attract new players and encourage the veteran players. What is the essence of the reward, how to get it, and which offices offer the sweetest “pros”? Find out more about it below.

Cricket Betting Bonuses List



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What is Cricket Bonus

The bonus is likely the key factor that influences a novice player’s decision when choosing a particular betting company, such as a Cricket Betting India site. It would be a misconception to view the bonus as a gift from the company. A more accurate depiction is that it’s a starting condition that aids a beginner to “join” the expansive world of betting and adapt to the new environment. Each company, including those on a Cricket Betting India site, has its own assortment of such rewards, but not all of them are genuinely profitable. To select the most advantageous option, one must grasp the fundamental concepts.

Despite the abundance of different types of bonus rewards, it is possible to distinguish a few basic types:

According to the conditions necessary for the receipt, there are such options:

Let’s analyze the different options in more detail.

Welcome Bonus

This type of reward is very important, as it forms the player’s first impression of the platform. It largely determines whether the bettor will stay with this bookmaker’s office for a long time or leave to seek his happiness in another place.

Obviously, the recipients of such bonuses are newly registered users. It is possible to get them once, an attempt to do it many times (for example, by multiple registration) is regarded as fraud and punishable by blocking all accounts. Funds from the account are not returned to the unlucky player, either.

Welcome bonuses can be credited at registration after confirmation of personal data, as well as after the deposit – in this case, the amount of the reward depends on the size of the deposit, but, as a rule, it is not more than a certain sum.

Deposit Bonuses

They can be offered both as a welcome bonus and as an encouragement for experienced bettors. In the first case, such a bonus is an excellent opportunity to build your bankroll.

In the rules section of the bookmaker’s office, you can easily find the minimum and maximum deposit amounts for a bonus. Obviously, no one is stopping you from recharging your balance for an amount higher than the specified maximum (on the contrary, the bookmaker’s office will be very happy about it), but the bonus will only be credited on the part of the recharge. Therefore, if you have an impressive amount of money in hand, it makes sense to split the payment into several parts within the maximum amount for which a deposit bonus is charged.  This advice is relevant when a bonus is offered for several (usually three) first deposits.

No Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, this bonus is not associated with a deposit. This type of reward is more often focused on the already existing members of the game club. Many believe that such offers are ultimately even more profitable than deposit bonuses. The offer usually has a limited validity period, so it is worth hurrying.

No deposit bonuses can be presented in different forms. As for cricket betting, it is usually an opportunity to place a bet for free, but get the full payout if you win.

Free Bets

This is one of the variants of the no deposit bonus, a kind of analog of free spins in slots. Anyone who has the right for this bonus (the circle of applicants is specified in the rules of the betting company, usually in the section “Bonus policy”), can win on cricket bets without spending a single rupee of personal funds. Of course, such an opportunity should not be neglected.

This bonus can play the role of a welcome bonus, be given as a prize for fulfilling certain conditions or serve as a gift on various dates (national holidays, the anniversary of the opening of the bookmaker’s office, the player’s own birthday).

Cricket Betting Promotions

Unlike bonuses, the main target audience for promotions is primarily “veterans” of the betting world. It is important for the office not only to attract “fresh meat”, but also to retain loyal members. As a rule, promotions depend on the player’s loyalty – they can be given out as prizes for reaching a new rank in the loyalty rewards system or bought for points that the bettor earns by placing bets.

Free bets, an increase in the percentage of cashback, and the ability to cancel a bet that has not been played can be considered as promotions.


A promotional code is a special code that unlocks particular opportunities. It is possible to find a promo code on thematic forums, official sites of bookmakers’ offices, and in blogs devoted to betting. Codes are often sent to regular players by mail (don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter from the bookmaker’s office, and be sure to check that the letters do not get into spam!).

Some examples of the “pros” that you can get for a promo code are:

To ensure that your promo code does not “burn out”, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the rules of the promotion and how to use the code.

Best Cricket Betting Bonuses

Let’s take a look at the most tempting bonus offers from the most prominent bookmakers.


Parimatch offers its bettors 150% on their first deposit up to 30,000 Indian rupees.


Bluechip Bonuses

Bluechip makes it possible to place free bets on any sport (including cricket) for up to 3,300 Indian rupees.



Megapari is giving away generous bonuses to all newly registered users: 100% up to 17,000 Indian rupees.



Melbet is a one hundred percent bonus on your first deposit of up to 20,000 Indian rupees.



Bonuses and promotions are an important factor when choosing one or another betting company, and have the most direct influence on its attractiveness. We hope that our tips will help you choose the best option for your betting on cricket. Play and win!

Cricket Bonuses FAQ

Is it Legal to Bet in India?

Yes, betting on sports, including cricket, is completely legal and not legally prosecuted in India. This applies to both land-based betting companies as well as online betting over the Internet.

Will Every New Player Get a Bonus at Registration?

It depends on the policies of the individual bookmakers. However, the absence of bonuses for new players is one of the reasons to refuse cooperation with a bookmaker’s office right away.

Are there Any Bonuses for Regular Players?

Of course, while attracting newcomers, trusted betting offices do not forget about their regular players. The last ones have the opportunity to get cashback, free bonuses, refunds of unplayed bets and other “perks”, which depend on the rank of the player in the loyalty rewards system.

Is it Difficult to Get the Welcome Bonus?

As a rule, there should be no problems with getting the welcome bonus, even for inexperienced bettors. The main thing is to carefully study the rules. Remember that there is no second chance to get a good welcome bonus.

Are All Bonuses Beneficial to Players?

The different bonuses can vary in their profitability. Deposit bonuses are the most attractive, which is not surprising: their purpose is to encourage the player to deposit his funds into the bookmaker’s account. However, no deposit bonuses are often more profitable in the end.